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In a warm and nurturing environment Mel uses strong, yet still relaxing remedial techniques to improve your overall alignment and muscle condition and connect with your baby. Mel works with you to relieve pelvic, lower back & sacral pain, sore and/or swollen legs, sciatica, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, along with any other concern that can arise in pregnancy or simply help provide a space where you can let go and relax. 


Mel’s specialist training in pregnancy massage was under the highly regarded Body Worker and Birth Educator Suzanne Yates. Mel can demonstrate exercises which can support the physical changes of pregnancy and be useful for birth preparation and labour. 


Having experienced pregnancy and birth to two young children of her own, she can appreciate your journey, understand the challenges and work with you to ensure pregnancy is a joy. You can choose to use a beautifully designed pregnancy belly hole attachment for the massage table (usually comfortable up to around 35 weeks) or choose sidelying for Mamas not comfortable on their front and in the last few weeks of pregnancy..


A 90 minute Pregnancy massage using specific essential oils and working acupressure points to encourage the bodies readiness for Labour. Typically done from 39 weeks, but can be done from week 37 if facing a medical induction.

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