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Combining gentle womb, abdominal & body massage with rebozo wrapping and rocking to enhance postnatal healing, optimal organ positioning, gathering & restoring energy after birthing - assisting transition to Motherhood. The treatment is also extremely healing having experienced significant loss or grief. 

6-12 weeks postpartum is idea but can be performed even years after birthing.

I am privileged & honoured to carry forward the teachings of Rosita Arvigo and her dear teacher, Don Elijio Panti, Maya Healer, from Belize. I am grateful for my teachers Andrea Lopez & Jennifer OHagen for their guidance & wisdom on this journey.

A nourishing remedial massage for the new Mother addressing her postpartum body's physical adjustment, challenges and comfort needs. You are welcome to bring baby along with a partner/mother/carer to sit in studio if home care for new baby isn't ideal. Massage can be performed any time Mum is comfortable to come in post birth. The same applies to C section births.

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