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PELVIC WORK FOR WOMEN - Pregnancy & postpartum

Mel practices HOLISTIC PELVIC CARE™ (Tami Lynn Kent) and BIRTHWORK (Jenny Blyth & Fiona Hallinan) providing women with unique pelvic balancing therapies, combing gentle internal massage, myofacial release and energetic/emotional balancing. These techniques help reestablish strength and reasonance in the pelvic musculature, improve circulation and blood flow to the muscles and organs in the pelvic bowl, and decrease pelvic floor dysfunction and symptoms such as, postpartum scar tissue,  tension, pelvic pain, urinary leakage, or pain with intercourse.

A woman’s pelvic bowl, her root, is the centre of her being, her centre of creativity and self expression. Traditional cultures around the world recognise a woman's womb and pelvic bowl to house the deep wisdom and intelligence we need to access to bring balance in times of need, and providing us with our own sacred medicine. In connection with the root, a woman finds clearer direction and becomes more aligned with her highest self.

Preparing for birth:

'Making space for baby' - Internal release and pelvic balancing work is a simple and effective way of releasing tension within the pelvis. Ligaments and restricted tissue within the pelvis can effect baby's position and/or presentation and their ability to navigate their way through the pelvis in labour. Releasing and balancing tissues prior to birth may maximise positive physical and emotional outcomes for mum and baby. Internal pelvic work is done from 37 weeks.

Postpartum healing:

Pelvic work can help enhance recovery after childbirth, resolve symptoms such as pelvic musculature weakness, scar tissue and urinary incontinence issues that often arise after birthing a child. The sessions are also profoundly healing and nourishing.


What can I expect in a session? 


Sessions are 90 minutes, where Mel will discuss your concerns and intentions for treatment. This is also the time where she will discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the therapy itself as well as any questions you may have about pelvic anatomy. The treatment involves external abdominal/sacral massage and internal techniques. Breath, connection and visualisations may be used to release and restore resonance to the pelvic bowl. The session ends with a beautiful 'closing the bones' rebozo ritual, where, honouring your body, you are gently wrapped at the feet, waist and the head then guided to drop deeper into your centre. 

Each follow-up session will begin with a brief re-assessment but will focus primarily on treatment. The frequency and duration of treatment sessions can vary based on your symptoms and response to the sessions. Generally 1 or 2 sessions is sufficient depending on your treatment goals.

Pelvic work for women $210 / 90 mins

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